See a little known part of Italy, in the best possible way

Discover the Langhe wine region, the peaceful Lake Orta, the stunning Gran Paradiso National Park and much more.
Choose between relaxing on a cozy minibus,  adventure and exploration by mountain bike, amazing driving experience by motorbike and authentic slow traveling with our hiking tours

Get off the beaten path, in full comfort, with new friends

For sporty types and cyclists wanting to explore our mountains and hills, in good company

We have the best motorbike routes, and we know how to enjoy a good ride

Day hikes and multi-day adventures on the Alps, to the Ligurian Appennines or exploring our beautiful hills.

We call this home

All of our tours are in Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria. Less famous than Tuscany, less crowded than Venice, this part of Italy has it all: sweet hills with geometric vineyards, green woods with thousands of kilometres of trails, lots of clean little lakes, as well as the Lake Maggiore, the biggest in Italy, a glimpse at the sea and most of all an incredible range of mountains, silent, strong and big that you can always see, like protectors, behind you.

It's a land of history, crossroad of romans and barbarians, pilgrims, armies and conquerors, it's home of the first capital city of Italy, Torino, of the industrial development of the country, of the 2nd Egyptian museum in the world, of the Slow Food movement and of the finest italian wines.

It's a place where you will more likely meet locals than crowds of tourists, a place worth to be, a place we call home. Explore it with us, our way.

Piemonte Fr

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Some of our tours

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€ 499

3 Day Glacier Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

A weekend full of breathtaking views on the path of an ancient glacier
Medium challenging
€ 949

6 Day Lake Orta and Langhe All Piemonte Minibus Tour

A week of adventure, an authentic journey for real travelers: the Sacra di San Michele, Lake Orta, the Langhe, Monferrato, Ivrea and the Canavese, the Oasi Zegna, the Forte di Bard fortress in the Aosta Valley
€ 109

A day at Lake Orta by Minibus

An enchanted Lake among the mountains of Piedmont, beauty of yesteryear
€ 89

A day out by Vespa in the Langhe region

The hillside roads of the Langhe and Roero regions, a small group of travelers and a Vespa to enjoy the day in full freedom and in style!
€ 299

“Andar per langa”: a weekend of hiking in the land of Barolo and Barbaresco

Two days of nature, good company and wonderful wine on the langhe hills of Neive, Barbaresco, Barolo and La Morra.
€ 359

3 Giorni di camminate sui sentieri della Liguria, splendido tour tra falesie, ulivi e focaccia

Alla scoperta del bellissimo litorale intorno a Finale Ligure, un itinerario a piedi affacciato sul mare

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