A day out by bicycle between classic Torino with squares, churches and streets and the unexpected Torino of rivers, parks and hills

An itinerary with three faces: urban in the historical center, river environment along the Po river, Dora and Stura and up to Superga on the ancient tramway

€ 99

Turin is a city of four rivers: besides the Po there are three others that cross it from West to East to join the Great River. On this day you will have the opportunity, following their shores, to discover a classical Turin in an unusual and different way.

Starting from the seventeenth century Castello del Valentino, located in the park of the same name, we will visit the heart of the baroque city with its monumental squares and its baroque masterpieces through safe cycle-pedestrian routes: Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Castello with Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, the Church of San Lorenzo and the reborn Chapel of the Shroud.

From there, along the ancient Royal Gardens, we will reach the Dora Riparia, second river of the city and, pedaling on the river bike paths, we will reach the ancient town of San Mauro through the “Bertolla Island Nature Reserve”, the only example of Italian urban conservation area for herons, a destination for birdwatchers.

After a well-deserved break, we will resume our journey to the village of Sassi, on the way to the Basilica di Superga, from which we will be able to enjoy a fabulous view of Turin.

Finally, again on the saddle along the right bank of the Po river, through evocative views that will make us discover the Mole Antonelliana and the church of the Gran Madre di Dio, we will return to the Valentino Park final destination of our visit.

A route designed for all two wheels enthusiasts, combining rides in the green of the river parks and evocative passages in the historic center of Turin, with the final surprise of the ascent to Superga with the ancient tramway and its incomparable views of the city.

Photo Credit: Paolo Ciaberta - http://cycling.paolociaberta.eu/

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difficulty level:Easy

Suitable for everyone, you only need to know how to ride a bike and to want to be on the saddle for the day!


A lover of all outdoor sports, he decided to become a cycling tour guide after getting fed up with his former office life.

He practices cycling in all its forms, but he still has to understand what "his real bike” is. Perhaps the first love, the mountain bike? Or the racing bike, with which he participated three times as an amateur to the Paris-Roubaix race? A Gravel bike could have settled the problem, but it has confused him even more ...

He loves transforming his bikes (hence the nickname of Mudifica) and is said to have never bought a complete bike.

He loves traditional cooking and good wine and likes to sing between drinks.


Never without: friends and the multi-purpose tool, especially to open beers !!

Favorite quote: Peace and Bike


He loves being outdoors to walk, run, ski and, above all, ride a bike. A burning passion: for ten years, as he likes to say, "he rides as much as he can", aimlessly, without haste, only with the desire to continue riding ... Randonneur, they would say beyond the Alps .

With a good knowledge of Piedmont, he is always ready to share it and lead other people to discover places, stories and traditions.

Convinced that the bicycle is the best means to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the goodness of the products of his land, in 2018 he became a Regional bike guide.

Never without: a beer at the end of the tour
Favorite quote: So far so good

Difficulty: low, suitable for everyone

Duration: all day (8 hours, including visit to Superga)

Type of route: first urban part, second part along the river cycle routes (minimum sections with vehicular traffic)

Departure:  Valentino castle

Arrival: Valentino castle

Length: 29 km

Difference in altitude: 700 m

Maximum altitude gain: no real climbs to note

Recommended Period: all year round excluding the winter cold

The price of this tour, 99 euros per person, includes:

  • Accompaniment by a bicycle tour guide authorized by the Piedmont Region for cycling / e-bike excursions
  • lunch in a typical piedmontese “trattoria”
  • the excursion to Superga on the ancient Sassi - Superga tramway
  • bicycle rental (trekking bikes, also in e-bike version with pedal assistance). 

To book and to have further information contact Paola:

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