A day out with e-bikes in the Monferrato area

From Moncalvo to the Sacro Monte di Crea sanctuary, a fantastic location in the Cerrina Valley

€ 79

We love Moncalvo: the smallest town in Italy with its arcades, tiny streets, the Sferisterio were the ancient “Tamburello a muro” is played, always welcomes us with an ice cream, a drink and some cool shade during our trips in Monferrato.

From there we will start our tour of 35 km that will take us on the two ridges of the Val Cerrina in a circular route to get to the Sacro Monte di Crea sanctuary, a mystical and fascinating place. Located in a natural park, the sanctuary, with its 23 chapels built in different ages, was founded as a Christian place of worship back in Roman times, and today welcomes those who climb the narrow streets around it, over one of the highest hills of Monferrato.

For lunch we will be able to taste the typical cuisine of this gourmet corner of Piedmont, and then back guilt-free riding our mountain bike (though the pedaling assistance will make everything easier!). At the end of the tour, another snack all together!

Length: 40 km
Elevation gain: 800m

For this trip we recommend using a full suspended electric mountain bike. It is possible to rent it from us, at an additional cost of 40 euros for the whole day, including the helmet.

difficulty level:Medium easy

Not physically challenging  - e-bikes help a lot for this :) - with some stretches on unsettled terrain, both uphill and downhill. (trails and unpaved roads, you should not be afraid of a little downhill on gravel, or some roots or loose stones)


Marco is the head of our biking tours. Master motorbike traveller, he's been everywhere in Europe in the last 16 years, he loves heavy metal music, eating jam directly from the jar with a spoon, living in the country and solving a Rubik's cube in less than 50 seconds. He's got super brains, he has a solution for everything but his stinky socks!

Never without: a Rubik's cube

Favourite quote: "It could be worse... It could be raining!"

This is one of our EASY tours.

We will be riding secondary roads, alternating paved stretches and unpaved sections that might include roots or stones.

This is a real bike ride, a day of outdoor sports, which is why it's important to be fit for it. 

We recommend wearing padded cycling shorts as you will be riding for around 4 hours. If you are a frequent rider, remember to bring them with you. If you instead have never used them, re recommend getting a pair. Padded shorts are the biker's best friend (and also of the eBiker), because the legs will hold up well with the electric bike, but a bad “lower back” can really ruin a good day.

In all our eBike tours it is essential to wear a helmet, if you don't have one we can lend it to you. If you rent one of our eBikes, the helmet is included in the price.

eBike EASY

We strongly recommend wearing padded cycling shorts as you will be riding for around 4 hours. If you are a frequent rider, remember to bring them with you. If you instead have never used them, re recommend getting a pair.

If you don't own any specific bike / mountain biking clothing, the advice for outdoor days is always: dress "like an onion" (in layers)!

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing, taking into account that, along unpaved stretches, we could encounter some puddles or a bit of mud (and the mountain bikes do not have fenders). So, to sum up:

  • the helmet (if you have one, otherwise we will provide you with one of ours)
  • t-shirt
  • sneakers or hiking shoes
  • a backpack with a long-sleeved shirt and a rainproof jacket or windproof inside (maybe you won't need them but...!)
  • a water bottle for water / mineral salts
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

We recommend arriving already "dressed for biking", so as to be ready to go. In addition, a tip from our Ale is to carry a spare t-shirt in your backpack, to wear for lunch and / or at the end of the ride when you get back to the car.

The tour starts in Moncalvo at 9.00 in the morning.

Usually the meeting place is in Strada Vairo in Collina, 11, Click here for Google Maps coordinates.

Before departure we will confirm to the registered travelers the exact place of the appointment.

The end of the tour is scheduled, at the same point of the meeting, at about 5pm

If the weather makes the tour impossible, we will contact you the day before (when the weather forecast becomes more reliable) to reschedule the day or for a reimbursement.

The price of the package, 79euros per person, includes:

  • Accompaniment by a bicycle tour guide authorized by the Piedmont Region for cycling / e-bike excursions for the whole day
  • lunch (two courses, water and coffee)

if you wish to use one of our eBikes for the ride, the cost of the rental for the whole day, including the helmet, is 40 euros, and can be added during the booking.

You can sign up directly in this page or by contacting us directly by e-mail at ([email protected])  or by phone or Whatsapp at the number 370 3506333

You can chat straight with us clicking here

We do not own the eBikes ourselves: we work with the best rental companies in Piedmont that, depending on the type of tour we are going to do, provide us with eBikes that are clean, in excellent working order, medium-high range (like Cube, Focus, Haibike, Rossignol, Thok, all equipped with Bosch - Shimano - Yamaha motors) and, importantly, of the correct size.

An electric mountain bike, or e-bike, is a way to deal with paths which normally would not be doable by everyone, and enjoy the road, the landscape and nature.

These are are also called “pedal assist” bikes, because the motor will help the rider in moving, but the rider still has to pedal.

So, by riding an e-bike, someone who is trained can get even further, and beginners can have fun without feeling exhausted straight away.

To understand and get a feel for how much fun and easy to use of these bicycles are, the only solution is to come and try!

eBike Giroola
Booking Policy

All our tours are directly made by us, Giroola Srl, via Amorosa 3, 10030 Villareggia (TO) (P.iva 11671600010, Scia 19022017-1520 Suap 9007)

During the tour you'll be covered by our Civil Responsibility Assurance (Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, via Corte d'Appello 1, 10122 Torino, nr.2007/03/2276452).  

We adhere to the Guarantee Fund (art.50 Dlgs 23.05.2011 n.79) which can be used by all travellers provided they have a contract in case of bankruptcy or insolvency for the refunding of the price paid. (Fondo Garanzia Viaggi Srl, via Nazionale 60, 00184 Roma, certificate n. A/146.1485/5/2017).


Booking Policy, from the General Terms and Condition for the Sale of Tour Packages:


Acceptance of reservations by Giroola Srl is subject to availability. Reservations will be considered final following confirmation by Giroola Srl,  even via e-mail or fax, to the client.

Indications relative to the tour package not contained in the contract documents, brochures or other forms of written communication, will be supplied in time by Giroola Srl prior to the initial starting date in compliance with its duties as envisaged by Legislative . decree n. 79/2011.


Upon booking, full payment is required.


The client renouncing the contract may be substituted by another person provided that:

a) Giroola Srl be given written notice at least 4 weekdays prior to the date of departure, together with the necessary personal data of the transferee;

b) The transferee be able to satisfy all the conditions for the fruition of the service ( ex article 10 of Legislative decree n.111/95) and in particular the requisites relative to passports, visas, health certificates;

c) The transferee refund Giroola Srl for all expenses incurred for the transfer of the contract for the sum specified before the transfer.

Moreover, the transferor and the transferee are both accountable for the payment in full of the tour package price as well as for the sum as per item (c) of the present article.

As far as certain types of services are concerned, third party suppliers have the right to refuse the substitution of the transferee, even if effected within the time limit specified as per item (a) of the present article. Giroola Srl will therefore not be held responsible for the eventual non-acceptance of the substitution on behalf of third parties. This non-acceptance shall be notified in good time by Giroola Srl to the parties involved before departure.


In the event of withdrawing from the tour package contract, the client is, in any case, liable for the payment of the tour package price. If withdrawal takes place for reasons beyond those envisaged in article 7 of the present General Terms, the client shall pay, in compliance with ex article 1373, paragraph III, Italian Civil Code, cancellation penalties as specified below:

  • 10% of the tour package price within 30 days prior to departure
  • 30% of the tour package price from 29 to 18 days prior to departure
  • 50% of the tour package price from 17 to 10 days prior to departure
  • 75% of the tour package price from 9 to 3 weekdays prior to departure
  • 100% of the tour package price beyond these terms.


The client may withdraw from the contract, without incurring any penalty, in the following circumstances:

  • a significant change of one or more elements of the contract which can be objectively considered as fundamental for the fruition of the tour package in its entirety and proposed by Giroola Srl.
  • after the conclusion of the contract itself but prior to departure and not accepted by the client.

In the abovementioned circumstances, the client is entitled to the following options:

  • the fruition of an alternative tour package, with no increase in price or with the restitution of the excess in price, if the second tour package costs less than the first;
  • the restitution of any sum corresponded as partial payment. Said restitution must be made within seven weekdays from receiving the request for reimbursement.

The client must communicate the decision (to accept the change or to withdraw) within two weekdays from receiving notice of the price increase or change. In the absence of specific notice within the said term, the proposal made by Giroola Srl will be considered accepted. The client who decides to withdraw from the contract before departure for circumstances beyond those listed above shall pay, after deducting the account paid as per article 4, the penalty indicated in article 6.


Variations to the tour, requested by the client, after the confirmation of booking, could involve processing expenses for Giroola Srl and at times penalties charged by suppliers. If so, the customer will be charged. Partial withdrawal of some of the travellers under the same contract and the resulting decrease in number of tour members is to be considered partial cancellation and is consequently regulated as stated in article 6.

In case there are no more seats available, or if you want to arrange a personalized departure, the price starts from 79 euros per person for 8 participants, and varies depending on the number of people:

nparticipants cost per person
7 - 8 79 eur
5 - 6 99 eur
4 109 eur
3 129 eur
2 179 eur


The price of the package includes:

  • Accompaniment by a bicycle tour guide authorized by the Piedmont Region for cycling / e-bike excursions for the whole day
  • lunch (two courses, water and coffee)

if you wish to use one of our eBikes for the ride, the cost of the rental for the whole day, including the helmet, is 40 euros, and can be added during the booking.

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You can book directly and quickly here on the site, or if you prefer us to assist you with your booking, click here to chat with us now, or call us at +39.370.350.63.33, we'll be happy to help!

If you are booking over a month in advance, only a deposit of 25% is necessary.

Itinerary and activities may vary depending on weather conditions, seasonal events, special events and group suggestions.


Luca A.

Giroolando for Monferrato

We did the tour in the Monferrato in and bike, as always a top organization, it was another great experience with the Giroolas, Marco always attentive to everyone's needs, he made us spend a nice day between nature sports and good food. (automatic translation by Google)
Emanuele R.

A cheerful day on two wheels

We were 8 friends and we did a bike tour in Monferrato. A wonderful experience that was the right mix of sport, nature / landscape and good food (yes, because the places chosen by Giroola for lunch and snack were really good). Although I haven't been on a mountain bike for about 10 years it was all very easy. The Giroola e-bikes are impressive. Marco, our guide, assisted us and accompanied us with professionalism and sympathy throughout the day! Absolutely highly recommended (automatic translation by Google)
Silvia M.

Always a confirmation!

I met the Giroolas last year on the occasion of a day on the bike in the Langhe and, immediately, very satisfied with the beautiful experience, I promised myself to put on the agenda for 2019 an exit with them. And so, last weekend, I participated with an even larger group of friends in another day on the bike, this time the beautiful Monferrato was our background. We were as happy and satisfied as last year, Marco was again a professional guide, scrupulous and attentive to everyone's needs, he didn't even put the weather in difficulty, not at all favorable! Paola followed me carefully in the booking, satisfying everyone's needs, when I called her she didn't even give me time to introduce myself but she greeted me like a friend you haven't seen for a long time !! The exceptional nature of this tour operator is being in love with our beautiful territory and knowing how to pass on this passion by organizing everything impeccably to the smallest details so that the participants can only enjoy the day! What to say? See you at the next great Giroolers, keep it up !! (automatic translation by Google)
Giovanna C.

Up and down the Monferrato! Beautiful day in ebike for the hills of Monferrato, with Marco and Alessandro always available and kind. Excellent organization. (automatic translation by Google)
Loredana C.

A day in e-bike in the Monferrato

Thanks Marco, Alessandro and Paola (behind the scenes) for this beautiful ride. I had fun in the company of pleasant people, in a pristine nature, enjoying genuine food. Bravi! To redo! (automatic translation by Google)
Tommi H

eBike tour around Pienmonte

We took the eBike tour on one day. With the bikes we also got s private guide. Very professional service and customized to our needs.
Chiara G.

A whole day on the bike that can be for everyone? Of course yes! .... We agree that the sport is synonymous with commitment and effort ... but without taking anything away from those who are dedicated in an admirable way, why not grant the possibility to those who are not part of the his world to feel "super" for a day? Here is Giroola, the perfect idea! A staff of courteous and helpful people, who organize, taking care of every detail, adventure days along fascinating and fun routes, hills, paths, villages ... on board of ebike easy to use, even for those who bike up there even a couple of times a year! Everything is completed by the friendly environment that is created from the first coffee taken together at the beginning of the day, followed by lunch and snack during the stages, all strictly together! Congratulations guys and thank you, really a winning idea! (automatic translation by Google)