A day out with an e-bike in the Barolo Langhe region

A day out among the vineyards and hill paths, from Alba to Barolo, La Morra and the classic areas of the great wines

€ 79

The Langhe region reward travelers with the best landscapes in Piedmont, and visiting them by bicycle is a unique experience. To be “inside” the landscape of vineyards and hills, riding over paths and paved roads connecting the small villages is wonderful, but the uphills parts can make it a bit challenging.

For this reason this is the perfect trip to use an e-bike, the electric bicycle that helps your pedaling action where it would be too hard to climb, helping you out and making you feel like a real athlete!

So, on our ebikes, we will start from Alba and visit the the most iconic places of great winemaking, starting from the Castle of Grinzane Cavour, then move to Castiglione Falletto and from here to Barolo, which bears the noblest name among the small villages of the area, have lunch together with local delicacies and then get back on the saddle up to La Morra and its magnificent belvedere, meeting the colorful Barolo Chapel and admiring the majestic Lebanon Cedar in the Cordero di Montezemolo estate.

A day full of adventure and discovery, and some of the flavours of our world famous cuisine, a pleasurable day out “in girula” with us.

Length: 40 km
Elevation gain: 900m

For this trip we recommend using an electric mountain bike. It is possible to rent it from us, at an additional cost of 40 euros for the whole day, including the helmet.

a day out with an e-bike in the Langhe region

difficulty level:Easy

Suitable for everyone, you only need to know how to ride a bike and to want to be on the saddle for the day!


Marco is the head of our biking tours. Master motorbike traveller, he's been everywhere in Europe in the last 16 years, he loves heavy metal music, eating jam directly from the jar with a spoon, living in the country and solving a Rubik's cube in less than 50 seconds. He's got super brains, he has a solution for everything but his stinky socks!

Never without: a Rubik's cube

Favourite quote: "It could be worse... It could be raining!"

This is one of our EASY tours.

We will be riding secondary roads, alternating paved stretches and unpaved sections that might include roots or stones.

This is a real bike ride, a day of outdoor sports, which is why it's important to be fit for it. 

We recommend wearing padded cycling shorts as you will be riding for around 4 hours. If you are a frequent rider, remember to bring them with you. If you instead have never used them, re recommend getting a pair. Padded shorts are the biker's best friend (and also of the eBiker), because the legs will hold up well with the electric bike, but a bad “lower back” can really ruin a good day.

In all our eBike tours it is essential to wear a helmet, if you don't have one we can lend it to you. If you rent one of our eBikes, the helmet is included in the price.

eBike EASY

We strongly recommend wearing padded cycling shorts as you will be riding for around 4 hours. If you are a frequent rider, remember to bring them with you. If you instead have never used them, re recommend getting a pair.

If you don't own any specific bike / mountain biking clothing, the advice for outdoor days is always: dress "like an onion" (in layers)!

We advise you to wear comfortable clothing, taking into account that, along unpaved stretches, we could encounter some puddles or a bit of mud (and the mountain bikes do not have fenders). So, to sum up:

  • the helmet (if you have one, otherwise we will provide you with one of ours)
  • t-shirt
  • sneakers or hiking shoes
  • a backpack with a long-sleeved shirt and a rainproof jacket or windproof inside (maybe you won't need them but...!)
  • a water bottle for water / mineral salts
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

We recommend arriving already "dressed for biking", so as to be ready to go. In addition, a tip from our Ale is to carry a spare t-shirt in your backpack, to wear for lunch and / or at the end of the ride when you get back to the car.

The tour starts in Alba at 9.00 am.

The meeting point is usually in Corso Piave, 219, inside Camping Albavillage, click here for the Google Maps coordinates.

Before departure we will confirm to the registered travelers the exact place of the appointment.

The end of the tour is scheduled, at the same point of the meeting, at about 5pm

If the weather makes the tour impossible, we will contact you the day before (when the weather forecast becomes more reliable) to reschedule the day or for a reimbursement.

The price of the package, 79euros per person, includes:

  • Accompaniment by a bicycle tour guide authorized by the Piedmont Region for cycling / e-bike excursions for the whole day
  • lunch (two courses, water and coffee)

if you wish to use one of our eBikes for the ride, the cost of the rental for the whole day, including the helmet, is 40 euros, and can be added during the booking.

You can sign up directly in this page or by contacting us directly by e-mail at ([email protected])  or by phone or Whatsapp at the number 370 3506333

You can chat straight with us clicking here

We do not own the eBikes ourselves: we work with the best rental companies in Piedmont that, depending on the type of tour we are going to do, provide us with eBikes that are clean, in excellent working order, medium-high range (like Cube, Focus, Haibike, Rossignol, Thok, all equipped with Bosch - Shimano - Yamaha motors) and, importantly, of the correct size.

An electric mountain bike, or e-bike, is a way to deal with paths which normally would not be doable by everyone, and enjoy the road, the landscape and nature.

These are are also called “pedal assist” bikes, because the motor will help the rider in moving, but the rider still has to pedal.

So, by riding an e-bike, someone who is trained can get even further, and beginners can have fun without feeling exhausted straight away.

To understand and get a feel for how much fun and easy to use of these bicycles are, the only solution is to come and try!

eBike Giroola
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In case there are no more seats available, or if you want to arrange a personalized departure, the price starts from 79 euros per person for 8 participants, and varies depending on the number of people:

nparticipants cost per person
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4 109 eur
3 129 eur
2 179 eur


The price of the package includes:

  • Accompaniment by a bicycle tour guide authorized by the Piedmont Region for cycling / e-bike excursions for the whole day
  • lunch (two courses, water and coffee)

if you wish to use one of our eBikes for the ride, the cost of the rental for the whole day, including the helmet, is 40 euros, and can be added during the booking.

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Laura T.

beautiful ride between Alba and Barolo and super support of Marco & Marco! (automatic translation by Google)
Ronni P.

Hi Giroola, top day! Sorry but I don't have social media to review, But I couldn't not compliment you! Breathtaking location, guide (mark) super! Ginnico, photographer, Cicero, what more could you ask for! A. Council to extend to anyone! Of any age, with these means, it is possible to make trips pedaling without any effort and enjoying unforgettable landscapes! Absolutely to try, next time I think I will send my father and my mother, now in their sixties and not just cyclists, but I am sure they will be enthusiastic, we will see each other again in autumn. My wife, Debora, very happy, she too, and my friend Gianluca, we will bring the t-shirt giroola in.giro between a holiday and another! Greetings to Marco and goodbye! (automatic translation by Google)
Gianluca F.

Beautiful bike ride in the land of Barolo, super organization, the guide Marco and very prepared and kind, really nice to do absolutely (automatic translation by Google)
Claudia Q.

Today thanks to Alessandro we spent a beautiful day up and down the Langhe! Thanks for everything! We will meet again soon for more tours! (automatic translation by Google)
Andrea A.

A fantastic day in the Langhe

Giroola tours impeccable !!! We had a wonderful day, wandering through the Langhe from another perspective ... Marco guided us in a beautiful tour of the most famous destinations (Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga d'Alba, Monforte d'Alba, Barolo, La Morra ). A different day than usual ... Thank you very much for the emotions you gave us !! We will not miss other excursions in the future! (automatic translation by Google)
Ary T.

Hen party on ebike !!

I highly recommend trying the tour in the Langhe with the ebike !! A fantastic experience, we had a lot of fun !! The guides are also excellent! They made us have fun and discover the Langhe! Definitely worth trying. (automatic translation by Google)
Rosanna C.

Spring day in the Langhe

Saturday 16.03.2019: 1st ride (for me) in e-bike in the Langhe with Giroola. Wonderful day up and down the hills in the middle of the vineyards, through the woods and up the castles again !! Great lunch in Monforte d'Alba. Very well organized tour. Bravo Alessandro who was our guide: he guided us with great professionalism, giving us advice on how to stay in the saddle and face the most difficult situations. As someone has already written: Giroola is addictive !! The next adventure !! (automatic translation by Google)
Pietro P.

On March 16th, at the request of a 70-year-old, we started the season on a beautiful day wandering in our beautiful langhe, from Alba to la Morra passing through steep slopes, steep descents, courtyards of ancient castles, silent vineyards and enjoying an excellent lunch in Monforte , accompanied materially by the expert and confident Alessandro and spiritually by Marco. What about the best way to spend a day and verify that to be happy there is no need to toil so much.a greeting to the next Peter (automatic translation by Google)
Sergio N.

Spectacular Langhe tour! Views made unique above all thanks to the routes in which Alessandro guided us with technique and mastery even though some of the group were "novice". All sharing a sunny day in joy and carefree. Thanks for everything and the next adventure! (automatic translation by Google)
Irene P.

the right people to discover so many wonderful places in Piedmont ... highly recommended (automatic translation by Google)