6 Day Lake Orta and Langhe All Piemonte Minibus Tour

A week of adventure, an authentic journey for real travelers: the Sacra di San Michele, Lake Orta, the Langhe, Monferrato, Ivrea and the Canavese, the Oasi Zegna, the Forte di Bard fortress in the Aosta Valley

€ 949

The tour we prepared is an authentic journey in our native land. It includes lakes and glaciers, mountains and abbeys, history and legends, hills and vineyards, surprises and the people, real people, that we will meet.

The first three days will be dedicated to the northern part of Piedmont, with its huge mountains, its lakes left by the retreating glaciers, the churches, unexpected Roman remains and the immense views: Lake Orta with its intense and sparkling blue, the romantic Piazza Motta and the island of San Giulio, the Panoramica Zegna up to Bielmonte, the city of Ivrea, the Fort of Bard at the entrance to the Aosta Valley, the Sacra di San Michele, majestic symbol of Piedmont .

We will descend towards the South, where the profiles of the hills are now gentle, sometimes steep, all covered with neat vineyards, or woods and hazelnut trees. It will be the turn of the Monferrato with the splendid Santa Maria di Vezzolano abbey and the Piedmontese cooking lesson, the incredible Wine Cathedrals of Canelli, the beautiful Roccaverano and the ancient Acqui Terme, with its characteristic fountain, 'the boiling', which flows hot water in the city center.

We will learn to make to make homemade piedmontese pasta and then eat it together, we will visit the prestigious wine cathedrals in Canelli, and we will taste the wine of small family-run wineries where we will stop for snacks.

A trip for a small group of up to 8 travelers, as in a group of friends, in the land of Pavese and Fenoglio, Cavour and Olivetti, of tenacious peasants and mountaineers.

GIROOLA 6 Days Minibus

Day 1 - Lake Orta

During the first day of our trip we will enjoy the calm and the charm of Lake Orta: there will be time for a scenic walk in the Orta Peninsula, a boat trip to the small San Giulio Island, some lunch in the sun at the romantic Piazza Motta overlooking the lake or in a typical local little restaurant.

We will then follow the scenic road to Bielmonte, a natural balcony over the Alps in the beautiful Oasi Zegna, where on fine days you can enjoy a splendid view of the Po valley and on foggy days you will think you are above the clouds. 

Day 2 - Zegna Oasis, Ivrea and Bard Fort

Driving through the stunning natural environment of Oasi Zegna, we will get to Ivrea, an ancient roman town famous for the Battle of Oranges and also because it's where in 1965 the first desktop personal computer in the world was invented. Over a delicious slice of chocolate cake you'll hear about Adriano Olivetti and his utopian industrial view.

We will then go up to the Aosta Valley, visiting the incredible Fort of Bard with its historical fascination and its interesting art expositions. Some of you will recognize it as the Hydra Homequarters in the Marvel movie "The Avengers: Age of Ultron".

The end of the day will be dedicated to a visit to a winery where you'll taste and learn about Erbaluce, a legendary fresh white wine.  

Day 3 - the Sacra di San Michele and the Valsusa

Today we will explore the beautiful Valsusa. Going west towards the border with France, we'll follow the ancient routes of pilgrims and warriors through the centuries while enjoying the view of the mountains, the peaceful nature, and the fizzy wind that blows through the valley between the incredible abbeys and monasteries that still stand like sentinels.

You'll be surprised by the roman Amphytheatre in Susa and the frescoes on the vault in Sant'Antonio of Ranverso, you'll take your time exploring the Sacred of San Michele, the abbey which inspired Umberto Eco's "The name of the rose".

Day 4 - Monferrato and home cooking

Our trip’s first stop is a masterpiece of piedmontese romanic style: Santa Maria of Vezzolano, immersed in the Monferrato countryside. We will then continue to Cocconato, where Chef Sergio and granma Cleri will be waiting us for a cooking lesson that will end in a typical lunch. In the afternoon we will leave for the Langhe region, towards Barbaresco, to plunge into the atmosphere of the Unesco Heritage vineyards.

Day 5 - Roccaverano and Acqui Terme

Roccaverano is the name of a small village in the Alta Langa Astigiana, a gem of architecture with its cloister by the Bramante and the Saracen tower. Here we will have lunch and then go to Acqui Terme where we will visit the “Bollente”, the thermal fountain from which water flows at 74.5 degrees centigrade, in the very center of town. Castles, vineyards and scenic streets will be the setting for our beautiful afternoon.

Day 6 - The wine cathedrals, cheese and the Langhe of Barolo

Today we will visit the beautiful cathedrals of wine in Canelli, historic cellars dug into the hill, and we will indulge in a tasting of Barbera, Moscato and Metodo Classico sparkling. We will then stop at a goat cheese producer in Moasca, to taste their products and visit the farm and meet the animals.  The afternoon will be dedicated to the iconic landscapes of the Langhe: Barolo, La Morra, Grinzane Cavour, before returning to Turin in the late afternoon.


Gentile, disponibile e dall'umorismo sottile, Alessandro dimostra 10 anni di meno di quelli che ha, guida dolcemente e conosce tutte le strade, del Piemonte e non solo. Per i suoi viaggiatori è prima di tutto un compagno d'avventure, sorridente e pacato, che sa sempre creare l'atmosfera giusta. Ale è l'amico che sa dove portarti, conosce le scorciatoie, i ristoranti giusti e gli angoli panoramici, e rimane con te a bere l'ultimo amaro fino a notte fonda se la serata è quella giusta. In Giroola è uno dei fondatori, è anche Accompagnatore Cicloturistico ma sono i tour in Minibus la sua specialità.

Dicono di lui i nostri viaggiatori: 

    • Alessandro è simpatico, disponibile e riesce sempre a creare l'armonia giusta per far sentire tutti a proprio agio. (Elisabetta, viaggiatrice nella Lavanda Piemontese)
    • Alessandro, il nostro accompagnatore/autista: con lui stai senza pensieri… pensa a tutto lui, con infinita gentilezza, sensibilità, discrezione e professionalità! (Lori, viaggiatrice nel Gran Tour delle Alpi, 3 Giorni nelle Langhe e 5 Giorni in Provenza)
    • Ho gradito molto la professionalità, la simpatia, la guida eccellente e l'attenzione di Alessandro alle singole esigenze di noi viaggiatori (Sara, viaggiatrice nel Gran Tour delle Alpi)

    The price of this tour 6 Day Lake Orta and Langhe All Piemonte Minibus, of 949 euros per person, includes:

    • Transportation for 6 days on our brand new, air conditioned and free wi-fi equipped 9 seats minibus
    • 5 night accommodation in B&Bs in double rooms, ensuite bathroom, breakfast included
    • Visit to a wine producer, with wine tasting and typical Piedmontese ‘merenda sinoira’
    • Visit to Lake Orta
    • Tour of the Panoramica Zegna
    • Visit of Ivrea
    • Visit to Bard Fort and the Museo delle Alpi
    • Entrance to the S.Antonio of Ranverso Abbey
    • Visit of the Roman Area in Susa
    • Entrance to the Sacra of Saint Michele
    • Visit of the Santa Maria di Vezzolano abbey
    • Cooking lesson with lunch
    • Visit of Roccaverano, Bramante cloister and Tower
    • Visit to the hot spring fountain in Acqui Terme
    • Visit to the “Wine Cathedrals” in Canelli with wine tasting
    • Visit to the Barolo Chapel
    • Goat cheese tasting at the farm
    • Visit by minibus to the most iconic villages in the Langhe region

    Our rule is simple: if an activity is planned in the tour, it's included in the price.

    Dinners and other lunches are not included, because we want our travelers to be free to eat and drink what they feel like, without the constraints of a set menu or set price. Often, during our minibus travel days our travelers prefer to stay light because the tastings included in the price of the trip have satisfied them. Our guide will organize the dinner for the group listening to their opinions and tastes, and will be with the group for the evening.

      Per questo viaggio l'appuntamento con il nostro accompagnatore è:

      Se arrivate in auto e preferite un punto di incontro comodo in autostrada, per questo viaggio proponiamo

      Il rientro, l'ultimo giorno del tour, è previsto:

      • a Torino alla Stazione Porta Nuova verso le ore 18.30 (se dovete prendere un treno vi consigliamo per sicurezza di scegliere partenze a partire dalle 19.30)
      • a Chivasso al parcheggio verso le ore 19.30

      The departure time for this trip is at 8 am on the first day. The time may vary slightly, between 8 and 9 am, depending on group composition, to allow everyone to join if traveling by train. About a week before departure we will confirm the exact time of the appointment. 

      The meeting point is in front of Torino Porta Nuova Station, in Piazza Carlo Felice Square under the arcades in front of the Decathlon store (click here for the Google Maps coordinates).

      If you travel by train or plane, you can take the opportunity to arrive the day before and visit the city, we are at your disposal to add one or more nights to your trip.

      If you arrive by car, we can recommend an alternative destination for the night before, and agree on a different meeting point.

      The return to Turin, at the same point of departure, is scheduled for around 6 pm on the last day. Our advice, if you don't want to spend an extra night in Turin and leave the next day, is to book your return train from 6.30pm onwards. 

      For help organising the evening before the start of the trip, o the evening afterwads and for any questions or tips our Paola is happy to help you on the phone or WhatsApp ( +39 370 3506333 ), via email ([email protected]) or directly by chat by clicking here.

      For our minibus tours we have chosen a Fiat Ducato, the most spacious in its category: it accommodates up to 8 passengers on individual seats (plus the driver) and guarantees to each traveler their personal space even at full load. We gave him a name, Megamind, and with Alessandro at the helm he will be a perfect traveling companion!

      It features:

      • wifi available for travelers
      • a great sound system
      • individually adjustable air conditioning
      • adjustable rear single seats, padded armrests and 3-point seat belts
      • modular and flexible configuration
      • high roof so you can stand up inside

      We also have a more agile and small Ford Tourneo (this is called Sciapaiar), it has 9 seats as well, spacious, brand new and with all the comforts of the Ducato.

      In any case you will like our minibuses, guaranteed by Giroola.


      Do you know how to make pasta from scratch? In this cooking lesson you will learn all the secrets of this traditional Italian recipe in a very special place, and you will surprise friends and family with your new skill of making homemade pasta with just two simple ingredients.

      In a small house in the characteristic Monferrato village of Cocconato, Chef Sergio and our Granma Cleri will guide you in this cooking activity.

      Sergio is a fine cook, and a real host, and he will spoil you with an authentic Italian lunch that you will not forget, and you will of course also taste pasta you made yourself.

      Vegans will make pasta without eggs and meat eaters will taste traditional salami, a great speciality of the house.

      In our travels you will find solo travelers, couples, or pairs of friends, and in a small group of eight it’s easy to become friends straight away. This tour is perfect for those that traveling alone but don't want to be on their own for the whole trip. You're independent and you can choose if and when to share meals and your free time with the group.

      Our travelers are people who know how to travel, in fact they arrive independently to the place of the appointment, mainly from all over Italy (but not only) and who choose to take a trip with us to learn differently about places, people, flavors and traditions. We are proud to say that our travelers are the best part of our trips!

      Solo travellers are always welcome in our tours, and if you feel like sharing a double of triple room with other members of the group we will send you an e-mail after your reservation and you will be able to tell us about your preferences (for example, if you are a girl and you would like to share a room with girls only etc). You will not pay any surcharge.

      If you prefer, you can book a single room for a fee.

      If there are no other solo travellers in your tour or if there is no opportunity to satisfy your preferences, your single room will be offered by us at no extra charge.

      Before each trip we always ask our travelers about any allergies, intolerances or special food needs, and we prepare in advance with restaurants and hotels to make everyone's experience the best possible.

      We also pay attention to the needs of vegetarians and vegans, ensuring that suitable alternatives are always provided. 

      Adatto vegetariani e vegani

      We love dogs (in the photo Thai and Brenda, which you can come to visit in our Cascina Amorosa), but on Minibus tours we cannot take them with us. Even in the case of small dogs, our tours always include activities and visits where they are not allowed.

      We must also consider those who love our four-legged friends less than we do, and for those who are allergic or afraid, taking a trip by minibus with a dog can be a non-positive experience.

      On our hiking trips though, we gladly accept small dogs, one for each trip, because outdoor activities and the appropriate choice of dog friendly hotels and restaurants allow us to welcome them without ruining the holiday for those who love them less than we do.

      All our tours are directly made by us, Giroola Srl, via Amorosa 3, 10030 Villareggia (TO) (P.iva 11671600010, Scia 19022017-1520 Suap 9007)

      During the tour you'll be covered by our Civil Responsibility Assurance (Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, via Corte d'Appello 1, 10122 Torino, nr.2007/03/2276452).  

      We adhere to the Guarantee Fund (art.50 Dlgs 23.05.2011 n.79) which can be used by all travellers provided they have a contract in case of bankruptcy or insolvency for the refunding of the price paid. (Fondo Garanzia Viaggi Srl, via Nazionale 60, 00184 Roma, certificate n. A/146.1485/5/2017).


      Booking Policy, from the General Terms and Condition for the Sale of Tour Packages:


      Acceptance of reservations by Giroola Srl is subject to availability. Reservations will be considered final following confirmation by Giroola Srl,  even via e-mail or fax, to the client.

      Indications relative to the tour package not contained in the contract documents, brochures or other forms of written communication, will be supplied in time by Giroola Srl prior to the initial starting date in compliance with its duties as envisaged by Legislative . decree n. 79/2011.

      4) PAYMENT

      Upon booking, a registration fee and a deposit of 25% of the total amount is required. Full payment is due 30 days prior to departure. For reservations made within 30 days of departure, full payment is due upon booking. Lack of payment of the abovementioned sums on the dates established constitutes grounds for cancellation of reservations such as to determine, on the part of Giroola Srl, the right to terminate the contract.


      The client renouncing the contract may be substituted by another person provided that:

      a) Giroola Srl be given written notice at least 4 weekdays prior to the date of departure, together with the necessary personal data of the transferee;

      b) The transferee be able to satisfy all the conditions for the fruition of the service ( ex article 10 of Legislative decree n.111/95) and in particular the requisites relative to passports, visas, health certificates;

      c) The transferee refund Giroola Srl for all expenses incurred for the transfer of the contract for the sum specified before the transfer.

      Moreover, the transferor and the transferee are both accountable for the payment in full of the tour package price as well as for the sum as per item (c) of the present article.

      As far as certain types of services are concerned, third party suppliers have the right to refuse the substitution of the transferee, even if effected within the time limit specified as per item (a) of the present article. Giroola Srl will therefore not be held responsible for the eventual non-acceptance of the substitution on behalf of third parties. This non-acceptance shall be notified in good time by Giroola Srl to the parties involved before departure.


      In the event of withdrawing from the tour package contract, the client is, in any case, liable for the payment of the tour package price. If withdrawal takes place for reasons beyond those envisaged in article 7 of the present General Terms, the client shall pay, in compliance with ex article 1373, paragraph III, Italian Civil Code, cancellation penalties as specified below:

      • 10% of the tour package price within 30 days prior to departure
      • 30% of the tour package price from 29 to 18 days prior to departure
      • 50% of the tour package price from 17 to 10 days prior to departure
      • 75% of the tour package price from 9 to 3 weekdays prior to departure
      • 100% of the tour package price beyond these terms.


      The client may withdraw from the contract, without incurring any penalty, in the following circumstances:

      • a significant change of one or more elements of the contract which can be objectively considered as fundamental for the fruition of the tour package in its entirety and proposed by Giroola Srl.
      • after the conclusion of the contract itself but prior to departure and not accepted by the client.

      In the abovementioned circumstances, the client is entitled to the following options:

      • the fruition of an alternative tour package, with no increase in price or with the restitution of the excess in price, if the second tour package costs less than the first;
      • the restitution of any sum corresponded as partial payment. Said restitution must be made within seven weekdays from receiving the request for reimbursement.

      The client must communicate the decision (to accept the change or to withdraw) within two weekdays from receiving notice of the price increase or change. In the absence of specific notice within the said term, the proposal made by Giroola Srl will be considered accepted. The client who decides to withdraw from the contract before departure for circumstances beyond those listed above shall pay, after deducting the account paid as per article 4, the penalty indicated in article 6.


      Variations to the tour, requested by the client, after the confirmation of booking, could involve processing expenses for Giroola Srl and at times penalties charged by suppliers. If so, the customer will be charged. Partial withdrawal of some of the travellers under the same contract and the resulting decrease in number of tour members is to be considered partial cancellation and is consequently regulated as stated in article 6.

      As specified in our General Conditions of Sale of tourist packages, when you travel with Giroola you are covered by our Civil Liability Insurance. For all that could happen and that was due to our negligence or error, we have signed a policy (Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, nr.2007 / 03/2276452).

      There are other insurance policies that we recommend and for which we have chosen to work with Allianz Global Assistance, whose Globy range seems to us to be the most suitable for our travelers:

      • TRAVEL CANCELLATION - Our 8-person trips are often full months before the date of travel, and even if our cancellation policy is actually much more flexible than expressed in our Booking Policy (our travelers can attest to this, we are very available to move the trip in case of unexpected even the last minute), where other facilities are involved (hotels, rentals, etc) some expenses are not really refundable, and therefore a good trip cancellation insurance becomes a valuable ally. 

      We at Giroola are an agency of the Globy network of Allianz Global Assistance, and we can therefore provide you with all the information, make estimates and issue the policies directly with the booking.

      For any information our Paola is at your disposal at the phone number +39 370 3506333, at the address [email protected] or in the chat directly on this page.

      What's included


      • 5 breakfasts
      • Cooking lesson with lunch
      • Piedmontese ‘merenda sinoira’ with wine tasting


      • Transportation for 6 days on our brand new, air conditioned and free wi-fi equipped 9 seats minibus


      • 5 night accommodation in B&Bs in double rooms, ensuite bathroom, breakfast included (Single room surcharge: 125 euros total)


      • Visit to a wine producer, with wine tasting and typical Piedmontese ‘merenda sinoira’
      • Visit to Lake Orta
      • Tour of the Panoramica Zegna
      • Visit of Ivrea
      • Visit to Bard Fort and the Museo delle Alpi
      • Entrance to the S.Antonio of Ranverso Abbey
      • Visit of the Roman Area in Susa
      • Entrance to the Sacra of Saint Michele
      • Visit of the Santa Maria di Vezzolano abbey
      • Cooking lesson with lunch
      • Visit of Roccaverano, Bramante cloister and Tower
      • Visit to the hot spring fountain in Acqui Terme
      • Visit to the “Wine Cathedrals” in Canelli with wine tasting
      • Visit to the Barolo Chapel
      • Goat cheese tasting at the farm
      • Visit by minibus to the most iconic villages in the Langhe region

      Book this tour

      You can book directly and quickly here on the site, or if you prefer us to assist you with your booking, click here to chat with us now, or call us at +39.370.350.63.33, we'll be happy to help!

      If you are booking over a month in advance, only a deposit of 25% is necessary.

      Itinerary and activities may vary depending on weather conditions, seasonal events, special events and group suggestions.


      Germana G.

      6 days in Piedmont

      I'm just back from the 6-day tour in Piedmont. It was not a journey, but a traveling story, narrated by places and people ... and when it is told, you enter a fairy tale on tiptoe! And so it was, assisted by beautiful sunny days, we visited Lake Orta and its island of S. Giulio (set of the film "the correspondence") and then reached the Oasis of Zegna through roads Areas; climbed in an elevator on Forte Bard in Val d'Aosta (set of one of the '' Avengers '' films) which acts as a watershed on the Dora Baltea, the Sacra di San Michele overhanging the Pirchiriano mountain, of which the last piece can be seen of summit under a column of the abbey, symbolic monument of the Piedmont Region (place that inspired the writer Umberto Eco for the best-seller The name of the Rose) a mystical place that dominates the Val di Susa. But the fable continues ... the sleeping beauty wakes up in the Langhe, a quilted carpet of vineyards, vineyards as far as the eye can see, that you can't imagine if you don't see them. From the viewpoint of La Morra you heave a sigh and you come to the magone because it's time to come back. The fable is over but you can replicate it as many times as you like, thanks to GIROOLA. Giroola uses grace to make you meet those places and those people, and the energy to make you understand that that fable is reality and is called Piedmont. A big thank you to all the Giroola staff and to Alessandro for his kindness and assistance. (automatic translation by Google)
      Rosella C.

      Precise organization. Relaxed times. Perfect niche proposals and experiences. Also thanks to Alessandro, our guide. (automatic translation by Google)
      Maria Rita I.

      Piedmont and Langhe tours

      I have been back for two days from this pleasant, intense and full of surprises tour. Well done all the staff but Alessandro, who accompanied us, is available, kind and playful. If you want to know the unusual Piedmont and travel the road through the vineyards I highly recommend to rely on GIROOLA! (automatic translation by Google)
      Giulia F.

      6 days in Piedmont

      beautiful holiday of 6 days around the piedmont and part of val d'aosta, good company, beautiful places and not crowded, eaten well and slept in beautiful places. I recommend it to everyone for a relaxing and fun alternative vacation! (automatic translation by Google)
      Mary S.

      After 6 days in a minibus with Alessandro. A beautiful Easter in good company. A triumph of landscapes and breathtaking views that has made our short but intense journey interesting, varied and rich in refined experiences: wine testing, cooking class, cheese tasting, thermal bath etc. I recommend to everyone the experience and professionalism of Giroola trips. I finally let myself drive and I found what I was looking for. I hope one day to find again the boys of Giroola. Hello. (automatic translation by Google)
      Maria Elena A.

      Tour of Piedmont - 6 days by minibus: A very positive experience both during the purchase phase and during the journey. Careful organization, an always attentive and helpful guide, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, well-calibrated itinerary, relaxing pace with no tiring movements, cultural visits and very interesting tastings, comfortable hotel accommodation, excellent quality / price ratio. (automatic translation by Google)
      Maria P.

      Great tour and beautiful landscapes

      Went to the six days minibus tour. Very intensive but good six days must say. We saw lots of beautiful places, especially mountains and abbeys was the thing for me. None of the places we saw was too crowded.Be prepared to spend a lot time with the group you are travelling with. During each day you visit many places, so you are spending a lot time together (which is also good for solo travellers). But of course there was also some free time to do what ever you want.
      Highly recommend
      Jani P.

      Great tour with plenty to see

      Beautiful scenery+ Warm weather
      + Comfortable (air-conditioned) minibus
      + Small group of people
      + Friendly tour operators
      + Small, idyllic and historical places
      + Good wine
      + Enough personal time and free exploration

      - One B&B slightly noisy during the night due to pigeons living in the roof/attic and a loud air-conditioner0
      Valborg A.

      Perfect for solo travellers!

      I truly recommend the Giroola 6 day minibus tour in Piemonte!
      It was easy getting to know the others and you could walk around alone if you preferred. It was all very suitable for solo travellers. Excellent way of seeing lots of fascinating places in a vast area, the minibus was comfy and the driving was safe and skillful.

      Avoiding mass tourism locations, landscapes so beautiful that you could look at them for hours (all those vineyards...), wonderful sights and buildings, activities/walks which suit just about everyone, lovely food, interesting wine tastings (even if you´re not a wine lover) and excellent company – new friends! For me it was the perfect holiday, I only wish it lasted longer!

      Personal highlights:
      - Lake Orta. Such a sweet place and a nice little boat ride to the island.
      - The fresh mountain air of Bielmonte and the hike there (bring trainers!).
      - Forte di Bard and San Michele. Wonderfully located places with lots of history.
      - The night walk in the woods and dinner by the lake. Just lovely!
      - Making tagliatelle.
      - Barbaresco was my favourite place of all. Beautifully located, a stylish and relaxing place to be. The Langhe region in general was special indeed.
      - All the tastings.

      I enjoyed everything and can honestly say I would do it again!
      Marjut H.

      Wonderful tour in Piedmont!

      I highly recommend Giroola minibus tours! : ) We saw many great places we would have probably missed otherwise.
      If you wish to see Piedmont outside the cities, the tour is definitely worth considering.

      The fans of Italian food and wine won't be disappointed. I found the winery visits very interesting and enjoyed the tastings. I wish I could get the wild boar stew we had in Bielmonte also at home. : ) Luckily, some of the wines we were able to bring home.

      The tour also provided plenty to see if you are interested in the history, architecture and the art of the area.

      I learned more about the local wild life and nature, too. On our night walk, the "terre ballerine" (the dancing trees) was something that I had not seen before.

      I was traveling with my boyfriend, but this tour will also work well for solo travelers or groups of friends, for instance. On many of the stops you had the option to explore by yourself or visit places as a part of the group. In Langhe, for instance, the whole group had dinner together under the stars in our nice hotel in the midst of the beautiful wine fields, which was a lovely experience. Then in Lake Orta, for example, we went around by ourselves a bit.

      For us, the Giroola tour was a very positive experience : )