Photo credits


All the pictures displayed on the site have been taken on the real spots advertised in the various tours.

We like taking pictures and we have taken most of them ourselves,  but in some cases we are displaying the work of other photographers and enthusiasts:

  • We are showing some pictures taken by Franco Beccari. You can see the rest of his great portfolio on his Flickr page:  (we recommend having a look!) :)
  • We are also are using some pictures by Carolina Casale Rossi. We do like her work and we are sure you will like it too, check it out on Flickr:
  • One of our first guest, Jani, has taken beautiful pictures all around Piemonte during the tour as well as in his native finland. Check out his stunning nature pictures here: !
  • Big thanks to our friends that helped us: Andrea Tellini, Filippo Pizzati, Davide Bobba, Agnese Chetto, Luca Lanfranco
  • The Photos of the Carnevale d'Ivrea are taken by