How to solve a rubik's cube riding a bike

How to solve a Rubik's cube riding your bike


Marco is our brains and our legs, pedaling his way through hills and mountains

03 Jun 19

I've always been intrigued by the Magic Cube (we used to call it like this in the 80s, didn't we?). I got one when I was a child and, without cheating, I managed with a huge effort to complete 3 sides. 

Did you know that for a 3x3 cube there are possible configurations, and the right one is just... one? Man, I said fortythreequadrillions!

It was the 80s, like I said, and there were no tutorial or instructions that you could look up, so I gave up and my cube got lost somewhere...

Then, a couple of years ago at a service station shop I saw a tiny one, 2x2, and I thought: "Ok, this will be easy enough!". Oh yes, try it! (The possible configurations go down to 3.674.160)

Later that year, for Christmas I got a standard 3x3 cube, and so I decided that in life you have to do something great before getting 50. Fortunately they invented the Internet (oh yes, they had already invented it in the 80s but they did not use it to share video tutorials on how to solve the cube), so I found a video that explained a simple method, I watched it and I tried, playing and pausing the whole day. It worked!


The following day, though, Elena threatened to lock me out of my home if I kept on watching videos on the Internet so I remember what I used to do in high school and I made myself a little cheatsheet with the moves.

Hidden in the bathroom all alone like a teenager, I tried, tried, tried and... I learnt to do it without instructions!

And once you learn the 3x3, the 2x2 is more or less the same, just... easier.  :) and the 4x4 is possible, as well..

And all this while I still have more than 6 years before getting to 50! 

So I was looking for something else to do, and I decided to put together 2 passions, the cube and mountain biking, trying to solve the cube while riding (quite weird, I know, but at least I was out of the bathroom!)

Here's my video:

So, do you want to do the #girubikchallenge with me?

Download my cheatsheet with the instructions here: Marco's Cheatsheet to Solve a Rubik's Cube, try to solve a cube while riding and post your photos or video on Facebook or Instagram with the #girubikchallenge tag.

I'll keep on  training! :) 

Good Trips! 



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