How to reach Torino by motorbike

How to reach Torino by motorbike.. and where to go!


Motorbikes are her thing.

08 Jun 17

A town is not the ideal playground for a motorbike, but Torino is Piemonte's main city, and like the name suggests, you only need to get some kilometers away from it to get to a bounty of roads that can keep the keenest of motorcyclist for months on end: you have the Alps all around you, the Langhe region, the Monferrato area..

Excluding the mountain passes that are all recommended because of the roads or the panoramas, in our opinion the best roards to drive on, and the best destinations to reach by motorbike are

Zegna - Bielmonte panoramic road 

the road from Biella to Andrate

SP460+SP50 until Ceresole Reale and Nivolet

From Viú to the Malciaussia Lake

SP439 from Cortemilia to Millesimo

SP458 from Cocconato to Casalborgone

add to this list the hundreds of roads in the Monferrato region, in the Langhe, the "closed" alpine valleys like the Val Maria close to Cuneo, the Valle D'Aosta and Valsesia roads.


All mountain passes are recommended, for the roads and panoramas


If you are headed to Torino we have two suggestions for you:

  1. get an additional week of holidays to explore the hills and mountains in the region
  2. approach the city from a vantage point high in the hills, so that you can get a view from above on the city where you will spend the next days

If you are approaching from the West (coming from France you are spoiled for choice: Moncenisio, Monginevro, Colle Dell'Agnello, Maddalena...) o from the South (don't miss the Montezemolo - Cortemilia), we recommend to stop at the Sacred of San Michele. Besides being a truly fantastic place to visit, from there you will get breathtaking views, and on a particularly clear day you can see the city of Turin and the start of the Pianura Padana.

If instead you are coming in from the North (Gran San Bernardo,  Piccolo San Bernardo, Sempione), or from the East (from this direction the main roads are way flatter, but it's enough to move to the southern side of the Po river, in the Monferrato, to find nice roads again), we recommend using a couple of hours to stop at the Basilica of Superga, famous for the royal tombs and for the tragic aircrash of the Torino Football Club in the fifties, and enjoy the fantastic view from there. 


Approach Torino from a vantage point high in the hills, like the Sacred of San Michele or the Basilica of Superga


If instead you are in a hurry to get to Torino, the city is well connected by fast highways: 3 hours (300km) from Lyon, 4 hours (400km) from Zurich, 5h (500km) from Innsbruck, 6h (600km) from Munich, and 10 hours (1000 km) from Vienna.

If you are even more in a hurry, and you are flying in, you can choose between the Torino Caselle airport, which is only a few kilometers away from the city or the Milano Malpensa hub, and reach the city by train or coach. And, after that, rent a motorbike and start your exploration of the many roads and the incredible scenery that the Piemonte region has to offer!


If you are in a hurry, you can take an highway, or a plane and rent a bike directly here


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