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5 reasons to go on a motorcycle trip with a guide


Marco is our brains and our legs, pedaling his way through hills and mountains

21 Jan 20

Motorcycling is about freedom. Probably thinking of a trip where you have to follow a guide might make you think of mixed images in between senior citizen’s group trips and huge motorcycle groups at a walking pace. Of course, traveling without a destination, a bit like “Easy Rider” and “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” has its charms. I know this too, I have been everywhere in Europe, from Gibraltar to Istanbul, from Ireland to Nordkapp.

But, traveling with a guide has undoubtedly also very good advantages. More than one, really.

Riding nightmare

1. The best roads

Driving by motorcycle, we all have experienced - by chance, by mistake, because of a detour - a road that turned out to be better than the one we would normally have driven. That particularly nice to drive one, or with the spectacular scenery or a charming corner, or all of these at the same time. For example our Elena, who is the guide for our motorcycle tours, has been riding in Piedmont for 20 years, and she knows plenty of such roads. So you will not end up on those other roads, that might have potholes or go too near the Juventus stadium. (Does it show that I support Torino instead? :) )

Great road

2. The dangers

Your guide will know the possibly dangerous points in the road: if there’s a pothole, a restrictive curve, slippery asphalt, a speed camera, and can adapt the driving style and speed accordingly. 

(so this way you will not be late for a junction, like I did in England, ending up on the curb and tumbling over, not making it to Scotland... but that’s another story!).

Bad road

3. The food

The guide will know which restaurant has the best food. Ok, we all know it’s the one with the lorries parked up front, but what if it’s in the weekend when the trucks are not on the road?

Good Food

4. Free to drive

You don't have to stop at every intersection to check on the map (if you are one of those "old fashioned" people) or smartphone which direction to take at a junction: getting off the bike, removing the gloves, removing the helmet, open the vest/tank bag, take the map/phone, check the way, put the map/phone away, wear the helmet, put on the gloves, turn on the bike and start again. With a guide you just put on your indicators, turn at the right spot and that’s it! Even if you have a navigation system on the bike, it is still more relaxing and fulfilling to be able to just drive, worrying only about the road, not having to check the direction continuously.


5. New friends

Starting from the fact that definitely you will have one thing in common with your fellow travelers ( motorcycling is a passion, you choose it, it does not happen by chance) it is highly likely that after some kilometers together, some coffee, some (not too many!) glasses of wine and a nice lunch together (see point 3.) then you will stay friends even after the tour!


So, to sum it up: a good guide will take you to great places, driving on great roads, stopping in places where the food is great, will take pictures along the way and will help you inflate your tyres in case of a flat. What more could you possibly want?!